Polytype is an independent type foundry based in Glasgow, Scotland, offering high-quality original retail typefaces and custom type services since 2016.
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Desktop Licenses
Purchasing a desktop licence for a font grants you the permission to use that font in printed works and rastered images for print or web, including logos.

The font may only be installed and used at one location (e.g. within a single company or household), and, at most, only by the maximum number of users specified in the license. If you need to increase the coverage of an existing license, upgrades at a reduced rate are available on request.

Desktop licenses are purchased with a single one-off payment, never need to be renewed and never expire unless license agreements are breached.

You can view and download a copy of the desktop EULA here.
Web Licenses
Purchasing a web licence for a font grants you the permission to use that font as a webfont on a website.

The font may only be used on a single domain, and the number of monthly pageviews on the domain must not exceed the maximum number of monthly pageviews specified in the license. If you need to increase the coverage of an existing license, upgrades at a reduced rate are available on request. Purchases are for the right to self-host; Polytype does not offer a webfont hosting service. If you wish to use a font on multiple domains, multiple web licenses will be required.

Web licenses are purchased with a single one-off payment, never need to be renewed and never expire unless license agreements are breached.

You can view and download a copy of the web EULA here.
Free trials of all Polytype fonts are available via the individual font pages – just select 'Trial License' and then 'Add to Basket'. Trial fonts are provided for the purpose of testing and should not be used to produce finished or commercial works.

You can view and download a copy of the trial EULA here.
Please be aware that the trial fonts provided through this website are not complete versions of the fonts for sale; kerning and OpenType features have been removed, and the character set has been reduced to basic Latin and basic punctuation.

If you need to trial the complete version of a font for a particular project, please get in touch to request.

All purchases are handled securely by e-commerce platform foxy.io with payment gateway, Stripe. Purchases are charged in British Pounds Sterling.
Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email with links to download your licensed fonts. These emails usually arrive immediately, but sometimes take a few minutes. Download links remain active indefinitely, so please retain your email to re-download font files or to download any future updates.
File Formats
Fonts purchased with a desktop license will be delivered in .OTF format, which can be used on most systems including Mac and Windows.

Fonts purchased with a web license will be delivered as a package of three webfont formats: .EOT, .WOFF & .WOFF2.

All fonts will be delivered in a compressed .ZIP archive, which will need to be opened using an unarchiver program. Windows and Mac systems should include .ZIP unarchiving functionality by default, but free third-party unarchiver software is also widely available online.
Custom Type
Typefaces play a big role in conveying the voice of an organisation; custom type allows your organisation to speak in its own voice, with exactly the right tone.
Whether it’s a fully bespoke typeface, a modification of an existing Polytype release, or simply some custom lettering, I’d love to discuss your project to figure out which solution would be most suitable.

This is an agreement between you, the purchaser and licensee, and us, Polytype. By purchasing, downloading, installing, or using the digital typeface software (hereafter fonts), you accept the terms of this agreement.
By purchasing the licence, you become a licensed user, not an owner, of the fonts. To ‘purchase a font’ is simply to purchase a license to use it in accordance with this agreement. Polytype retains copyrights to the fonts after purchase.
You may not sell, lease, sublicense, or otherwise assign or transfer any rights, duties or obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in part, to any person, or third- party, including by merger.
You may not distribute, lend, rent, sell, give away, or share the fonts.
You are not permitted to modify the fonts without first gaining the express written permission of Polytype to do so.
Licences are non-transferrable; the licensee is fixed at the time of purchase. As such, you may not transfer licences to clients once work utilising the fonts has been completed; the client must hold their own license to use the fonts, purchased either by them, or by you on their behalf.
Every care has been taken to produce our fonts to the highest standard, but technical issues can sometimes occur. If you do experience technical issues, we will do our best to resolve them, and if we are unable to resolve any technical issues arising from defective fonts then you will be due a full refund on your purchase, given that you request it within the first 30 days after purchase. Any refund terminates your license to use the fonts, which must then be deleted. Refunds will be given under no other circumstances.
Polytype takes no responsibility for damage caused to a user’s hardware, software or a loss of income that may have occurred as a result of downloading, installing or using Polytype fonts. All Polytype fonts are installed and used entirely at the owner’s own risk and Polytype cannot be held responsible.
Any breach of the terms of this agreement will immediately terminate your license to use the fonts. After termination of the license you must destroy any copies of the fonts in your possession.
This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with UK law. Place of jurisdiction and performance is Glasgow, UK.
Collection of Information
Personal information is collected when you purchase fonts or products, as is required to complete the purchase and to register the license details. The information collected will include your email, name, address, and the final 4 digits of your payment card. Any email correspondence with you may also be kept for future reference.
Use of Information
All purchases are handled securely by e-commerce platform foxy.io, and the information collected during purchases is stored on their secure servers. The information is stored solely as a record of which license permissions have been granted to whom, although we may also use the email information stored to contact you with regards to any licensing issues. It may at times be necessary to download license registration information from the foxy.io servers to handle licensing issues or to create temporary back-ups. We will never sell, exchange or divulge your personal information to any third party (other than foxy.io) without your consent.
Requesting and Updating Information
You can request a copy of the personal information that we hold about you under the Data Protection Act 1998. To request this information, or to inform us that it isn’t accurate, please email hello@polytype.co.uk.
Information Security
Purchase information is held on a secure server by e-commerce platform foxy.io. Every reasonable precaution will be undertaken to prevent unauthorised access, disclosure or misuse of your data.
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