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Prosaique is an irreverent take on the geometric sans genre, which channels the rational spirit of faces like Neuzeit Grotesk and Avant Garde.

While many early geometric sans were named to attest to their clean, forward-looking modernity ('Futura', 'Neuzeit' etc.), Avant Garde was actually named after the magazine whose logotype lettering it was based upon, rather than to proclaim that its design was anything new or groundbreaking. Still, its popularity has no doubt contributed to the continued rise of the geometric sans, whose present near-ubiquity makes 'Prosaique' seem an appropriate name for a new contribution to this genre.

Exaggerated forms, wildly contrasting proportions, and a slight ‘underbite’ in the open-bowled glyphs all contribute to a fairly gawkish appearance.

Wildly contrasting proportions
Slight 'underbite'
Simplified forms
Scooped t
Slashed zero by default
Stylistic set 01: double-storey a
90° terminals


Lewis MacDonald




Basic Latin, Central & Western European